About us

About us

The Goto Marketers is a Costa Rican based marketing company that prides itself on providing highly reliable BPO services to its esteemed clients in Costa Rica and the Philippine. When it comes to BPO services, we’re the absolute best in it. We understand that BPO services provide extraordinary assistance to businesses in today’s modern era. Regardless of the fierce competition, our company excels at achieving perfection as a BPO Costa Rica company with a courageous and steadfast mindset.

Our two core services comprise Call Center Outsourcing and Social Media Marketing. For call center outsourcing service, we offer our expertise and experience in all services that range from customer service, text support, inbound calls, to outbound calling for lead generation. For social media marketing, we offer services that range from strategizing, branding to creating an online presence with a website, and managing social media ad campaign – we take care of all it while our clients get to focus on other essential processes of their businesses.

Our Mission

At the Goto Marketers, our mission is to help our valued client achieve their goals, by offering outstanding customer support and a seamless transition between us and their clients.

Statement from Our CEO

I have a college degree in marketing and have been working in call center business for over 25 years. My first job after college was in customer services for almost 2 years. I strongly believe that customer service is the key factor in any business and if u can’t keep your clients happy, then you won’t stay in business for too long.

Customer service is extremely important for success of any business, as it cost 5 times more to gain a new client than to keep an existing one. I truly believe that the job of customer service is never done until you get to keep your clients loyal to you. When an unsatisfied client call, text or e-mail you, his/her issue should be placed as a priority until it is resolved and the client is happy.

To me, digital marketing holds immense importance and potential in today’s digital world. When it comes to incorporating digital marketing to your marketing strategy, don’t ever make the mistake of neglecting social media marketing.